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Medway Barge Match 2018
Saturday June 8th
Start times:
Coasting Class 0800
Restricted Staysail Class 0815
Bowsprit Class 0830

Start/finish Line – between North and South Kent buoys, River Medway.

Startline, 13 (P), 12 (P), Grain Hard (P), Grain Edge (P), Nore Swatch (S), Montgomery Exclusion Zone (S), Medway No.1 (S), 17 (P), Finish Line.
(Note – the course was shortened to omit 17 (P) before the finish)


Coasting Class:
1st Lady of the Lea
2nd Pudge

Restricted Staysail Class:
1st Niagara
2nd Edith May
3rd Repertor

Bowsprit Class:
1st Edme
2nd Marjorie

The trophies were presented by Emma Crompton, Queenborough Harbour Matster, at the FLying Dutchman, Queenborough

Championship Points:

Edme 8 points
Niagara 8 points
Lady of the Lea 6 points
Edith May 4 points
Marjorie 4 points
Pudge 4 points
Repertor 3 points

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Based in South England