Based on the East Coast of Britain
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Based in South England
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15th September 2018.
Start time 0730
Course: Bateman Tower start, Colne Bar (P), Clacton Pier (S), Wallet Spitway (S), Colne Bar (S), Bateman Tower finish.

1st Edme CSPS Barge Cup and Golden Cockerel
2nd Niagara Sailorman Cup
3rd Repertor Prior Barge Cup
4th Dawn Western Shipping Cup
5th Marjorie
6th Lady of the Lea
7th Cambria
8th Ironsides

Start time 0800
1st My Alice
2nd Alberta
3rd Charlotte Ellen
4th Sunbeam
5th Peace
6th Ellen
7th GLadys
8th Gracie
9th Priscilla
10th Pioneer

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Based in South England