Based on the East Coast of Britain
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Based in South England
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Saturday July 7th

Start/Finish off Osea Island
Class 1 start 0830
Class2 start 0845
Class 3 start 0900
Smacks and Bawleys start 0915

Class 1:
1st Lady Daphne
2nd George Smeed
3rd Centaur
Fastest start Blackthorn
First  round outer mark Lady Daphne

Class 2
1st Niagara
2nd Repertor
3rd Reminder
Fastest start Repertor
First round outer mark Niagara

Class 3
1st Edme
2nd Cambria
3rd Mirosa
Fastest start Mirosa
First round outer mark Edme

Best rounding Repertor

1st Alberta
2nd Ethel Alice
3rd Peace
Last Home Mary Amelia
Fastest start My Alice

Phone: Please use contact page
Based in South England