Model Sailing Barges - "WYVENHOE"

This is a 1/24 scale model of Thames Sailing Barge WYVENHOE, shown alongside a photograph of the real thing.
This was built from the HFM kit originally as the Kathleen. There is probably most information available for the Kathleen from the book by Richard Walsh, and based on the original information from the book by Edgar J.March.
I made a few modifications to allow the rig to fold down for transportation, very similar to the way it occurs on the real thing.
In 1997, I decided to change its appearance and convert it to a staysail rig and have modified various features to make it resemble the steel barge WYVENHOE.
I have recently completed a new set of sails made from ripstop nylon in brown, and she has raced succesfully with them, but some modifications are underconsideration.

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