Bits of general model boat information:

Link to my Model Thames Sailing Barge Page.
Useful Model Boat related links National Maritime Museum Website.
Mid-Thames Model Boat Club
East Coast Model Center.
Jim Steins's Model Boat Page (Australia).
Minute Breakers Model Boat Club.
Zero-Handed Transatlantic Project.
Ron Ginger's Model Boat Page.
Yahoo Model Boats Page
International Yacht Racing Union Model Yacht Racing Division.
Radio Control Modeller magazine on line. (US).
Tower Hobbies R/C web directory.
John Kohnen's Nautical links.
The Model Dockyard
Stan's Hobbies web site with The UK Model Boat Swop
Historic Sailing Page
Hitec R/C
Traplet Plans Service
The Nautical Mind - Marine Booksellers and Chart Agents
Joseph Mason -Catalogue of second hand books on nautical subjects
Portland Model Power Boat Association (US)
ACT Model Boat Club Inc.
Seaworthy Small Ships - catalogue
The Hobby Show (Canada)
St. Michaels Model Boat Club
St.Petersburg Association of ship model makers
GK Models
Start Page of Ships in bottles
How to make ships in bottles
PPL Photo Gallery - Joshua Slocum and the Spray
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