Model Barge Kits

A static model of the WILL (ex Will Everard) by Billings, is still available from UK model outlets (see websites: The Model Dockyard, Sussex Model Centre, or check other model shops or Model Boat magazines for mail order). This is a plank on frame construction (of a steel barge??!), and appears very true to the barge in its contemporary form (but in a previous colour scheme).
The H.F.M. Kit is still available from UK model outlets (see websites: The Model Dockyard, Jotika Ltd, Westbourne Models, RCHobby). This is a vacuum formed plastic construction with provision for 2-channel radio control, using standard servos for rudder control, and sail control. Approx. 1/30th scale, sails fairly well, and qualifies for the Little 'Uns section of the Model Barge Championships. The plan is very much like the Kathleen (Edgar J. March plans), but can be modified to suit other options.
There was a kit by Remploy, which is no longer available. It is based on the "Kathleen" and the plans by Edgar March. The construction is plank on frame, with timber, fittings, sail cloth and rigging all provided in the kit. Some have been see for sale on Ebay.
Following on from plans of the Celia Jane, now markets a kit with a fibreglass hull to the same design as the plans by David Metcalf. Authentic Boats of Holland produced this 1/80 scale kit, again based on the Kathleen. This is built from a wooden block and contains fittings, sail cloth and riggins
An alternative option is to purchase a fibreglass hull (usually with leebaords and barge boat) and build the rest of the model from scratch (possibly using plans, photographs, or surviving barges as your guide). Tony Williams makes several different hulls (now supplied by Terry Moffat).

Note, mention of suppliers on this page is for information only and should not be considered a recommendation.

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