Model Sailing Barges.


This is a 1/24 scale model of Thames Sailing Barge IRONSIDES, shown alongside a photograph of the real thing.

She was built from a Tony Williams fibreglass hull, by Ray Parrott. Built with rudder control only, and with a yacht type keel. I have made an additional bulb keel as she is a little prone to heel in strong gusts, and modified her rudder control, to improve the cable control system originally built into the barge. I am currently working on replacement sails, with which I will be experimenting with sail dressing used on full size barges (with some modifications).
It is anticipated that she will be raced again next year when there are additional rounds of the Model Barge Championships taking place at new venues.

For more action pictures of the model, see p60 of Model Boats Vol. 49 No. 578 (8 Jan-4 Feb 1999)
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