Model Sailing Barges - "HYDROGEN"

This is a 1/24 scale model of Thames Sailing Barge HYDROGEN. It is scratch built from yellow pine, using a modification of the David Metcalf "Celia Jane" plan for the hull using measurements taken directly from the "real" barge at Maldon. The width of the hull in the plan was the correct scale beam, but was not long enough since HYDROGEN is one of the bigger wooden barges with a hull length of 94.6ft. The rest of the detail is as measured from the barge as she is currently rigged.
A lot of the detail is incomplete, and will be added in due course, as I have concentrated on testing her sailing capabilities first, so that modifications can be made as necessary to her sails and rigging, before adding the extra details.
She is not very fast but gives a good representation of the real barge underway. Some modifications will be made to her sails this winter, together with some strengthening of parts of her structure and rigging. If her sail modifications ,re satisfactory and my trials with sail dressing are successful, then she will probably appear with dressed sails for 1999.
Hopefully soon I can show a picture of her on the water, but its a bit difficult trying to sail her and photograph her at the same time.
At the present time she has radio rudder control only, I am undecided as to whether it is worth adding any sail control.

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