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The Thames Sailing Barge has become a popular subject for model makers both as static and sailing models.
There are examples in many model boat clubs

The most frequently asked questions relate to where can you get:
Plans, Kits, Fibreglass hulls and other information.

I have put together some plans information detailing those that are beleived to be available currently. Note that Thames Sailing barges were not normally
built to plans, but from half models. There are not many half models around (- but if you know of some from which lines could be taken, please let me know). Most of the plans detailed therefore are from lines taken directly from the barges.
There are some kits available (a few old ones may occasionally be found, and there are now several sources of fibreglass hulls which can make a good starting point).
Other information about sailing barges and their construction, rigging, sailing, etc. can be obtained from some of the books in the bibliography
Useful books for construction details include: E.J. March, D.J. Davies, R. Beckett, Freeston & Kent, Cooper & Chancellor.
For rigging try R. Beckett, P. Hearn, Cooper & Chancellor, Capt. Bagshaw.

Model Barge examples

Static Models:
Kathleen - Authentic Models, Holland. Wooden block hull.

Radiocontrolled Models:
HFM kits:
S.B. Portlight, S.B. Wyvenhoe

Scratch built:

S.B. BERIC - built by the late Reg Lafosse
S.B. CABBY - built by Ray Parrott
S.B.CAMBRIA - built by Mick Martin
S.B. HYDROGEN - D. Renouf
S.B.IRONSIDES, built by Ray Parrott.
S.B. THISTLE - D. Renouf
S.B. VENTA - stack barge built by Mick Martin
Authentically panked model by Mike Seymour
"Celia Jane" model by David Savage

More general model boat information.
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