By K. S. Garrett.
A World Ship Society book about this shipping company.
It includes:
a list of sailing vessels (mostly wooden spritsail barges) owned by E.G. Watson, T. Watson, D.J. Bradley or Mrs. L. Bradley
B: Fleet lists: Thomas Watson (Shipping) Limited
C: List of vessels known to have been built by Edmund Geere Watson (mostly wooden spritsail barges)
Barges named:

A.B.C. Davestan G.H.I. Mary Frances Sunbeam
Ada D.E.F. Hibernia Minicoy Swift
Albert Duchess of Kent James M.N. Ten Brothers
Albion Edward Janet New Trader Tom Tuff
Alice Emma *Lady Daphne *R.A.Gibbons Tovil
Alice Maud Eric *Lady Jean (Sir Alan Herbert) *Royalty Trader
Allington Fair Wind *Lady Rosebery R.T Two Sisters
Caledonia *Falconet Little Linnet Russell William
Caroline Five Brothers Lizard Saucy Keny William & Isabella
*Charles & Gordon Friday Lord Haig Sea Gull Willie & Lily
Clara Gem *Martha Sir Alan Herbert (Lady Jean) X.Y.Z.
Ada Cleopatra Emma Lancelot Ten Brothers (Schooner)
Adelaide *Clipper Essex Little Linnet Trader
Albert Countess Ettie Luddesdown Two Friends
*Alliance Darnet, The (Ketch) Fanny Metropolis Walter
Anna Maria Despatch Gem (Yawl) Prompt
*Caleb Douglas Harry Rose
Caroline Edwin *Industry Russell
*Clara Ellen Kate Scot
* denotes photograph
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