SAILORMAN BETWEEN THE WARS - being the journal of a Thames, Medway and caostal bargeman.
By John Allendale.

Very much as the title states, John Allendale reounts his experiences on Sailing barges.

Starting out as 3rd hand on Lady Rosebery and moving on through time with Lady Daphne, Albert, Gleaner, Cabby (from new), the Royal George as an Auxiliary and Thyra

Other barges mentioned are Alderman, Camelia, Challenger, Dorothea, East Anglia, Glenway, Godwit, Herbert, Ironsides, Kingfisher, Lady Jean, Miranda, Portlight, Pudge, Rochester Castle, Sara, Will Everard, Wouldham Court.

There are photographs of: Albert, Alfred Little, Alice May, Cabby,Cambria, Carlotta, Gladys, Gleaner, Ironsides, Lady Daphne, Lady Ellen, Lady Jean, Lady Rosebery, Lord Haig, Mystery, Snowdrop, Spinaway C, Thyra, Victor, and others where the barges cannot be recognised.

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