By Ivan Hazelton.

Vessels mentioned in the text - sailing barges unless stated otherwise.

* denotes photograph

Adieu Essex Ferry (train ferry steam ship) Lady Helen* Security (motor coaster)
Alf Everard Ethel Everard Lady Jean* Singularity (motor coaster)
Apricity (motor coaster) Felix Lady Mary* Speciality (motor coaster)
Assiduity (motor coaster) Fixity (motor coaster) ex Empire Fairhaven Lady Maud* Spinaway C*
Assurity (motor coaster) ex Forreria Forreroa (motor coaster) became Assurity Marjorie Stormy Petrel* (fishing smack)
Atrato* Fred Everard The Miller* (motor barge) Success
Austility (tanker) Geoffrey Stanley* (ex government motor vessel) Mustard Pot (tug) Thalatta*
Cambria* (ironpot) George Smeed* Reliance* Thomas M (motor coaster)
Cambria* (wooden) Gladys* Remercie Vawdrey (ex government motor vessel)
Charles Burley Gravelines I* Reminder Veronica*
Cymric Greenhithe* Runic* Will
Dreadnought Jock* Saltcote Belle* Will Everard*
Empire Fairhaven (motor coaster) became Fixity Katharine Mitchell* (ex government motor vessel) Savoy* Yorkshireman* (pleasure steamer)


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