By K. S. Garrett.

A World Ship Society book about this shipping company.

It includes a history of the development of the company including the development of sailing barges. It contains a list of details of the fleet of Everard craft including the following Spritsail barges:

N.B. a bracketed number denotes more than one vessel of the same name.

* denotes photograph

Agnes Mary Fair Wind *Lady Mary Myrtle
A.K. Fred *Lady Maud Nellie Mary
Alert *Fred Everard Landwick Nile
*Alf Everard *Gerty Lina Pride of the Colne
Anglo-American *Greenhithe Lively *Princess
Anne *Grit Lord Kitchener Prompt
*Ash Harriett Howard Lucy Queen Bee
*Britisher Her Majesty Mabel *Royalty
Briton *Hibernia *Marguerite *Sara
*Cambria Hilda *Martha *Scot
Despatch I.Brouckner *Martinet *Scotia
*Dreadnought Industry *Mary Graham Spencer
Elizabeth (2) *Jane Minnie Spring
Energy *John Bayly *Mira Sunbeam
*Ethel Everard Joseph Augustus Mona *Veronica
Evelyn *Lady Marjorie Monica *Will Everard

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