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S.B. Victor
S.B.Victor - (Photo - S. Godwin)
Official No. 105762
Victor, 82 tons, 82.2 x 20.3 x 6, was built in 1895 by Shrubsalls at Ipswich for Owen Parry. Until the Second World War she collected linseed from farms around the East Coast and took it to Owen Parry's Mill in Colchester returning to London with the oil in barrels. In 1932 Owen Parry's was bought by London & Rochester Shipping Co when Victor was valued at 450. It is thought that this cargo may have in large part contributed to the excellent condition that Victor is now in.
During the War she loaded munitions out of Chatham dock and is lucky to have survived a bomb that directly hit and completely destroyed a lighter lying alongside. She was the last sailing barge to be decommissioned in 1947. She was towed to Brightlingsea along with S B Chieftain and was lucky again. The tow was too fast and Chieftain was towed under and lost. In the 50's she was converted to a motor barge and traded for the London & Rochester Company on the Medway until sold in 1964, again for 450.

During the next 10 years she passed through the care of three owners. She had a short career as a strip club before being taken to Ramsgate for Henry Winger. Luck was on her side again when she was abandoned in difficulties in The Channel. The Ramsgate lifeboat picked up the crew from the barge boat and towed Victor to Ramsgate where she lay for four years unused. John Bloom acquired her and took her to the Medway as a houseboat until 1974. She was purchased by Owen Emerson, a navy trained shipwright, who lovingly rebuilt and re-rigged her so that today she is fine condition. Sold on to Nick Briggs, she spent ome time chartering on the Solent.

S.B. Victor was acquired by Steve Godwin and Tony Chancellor who brought her back to the East coast and she is now based at Horlocks old yard at Mistley where David and Wendy Foster of Mistley Marine provde a fine berth and facilities. She underwent a major refit 2005/2007 at both Maldon and Mistley, including new mast, sprit, running and standing rigging, new electric, water and heating systems, water and fuel tanks, refurbished decks, saloons, cabins, galley and heads. Victor is now in 1st class condition and working again in the charter end events business with a MCGA Passenger Certificate for 40 persons, a testament to her fine condition. David 'Wes' Westwood of Ipswich is now her skipper.

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