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of Ipswich.
S.B. Marjorie
S.B.Marjorie - Thames Barge Match 2004
(Photo - D.Renouf)

Official No. 113753 56 tons, built of wood at Ipswich in 1902 by Orvis.
84 x 19.3 x 6.2 for R & W Paul Ltd.
Owned 1961 by A.J.O'Shea as charterbarge.
Based in the West India Dock for the L.D.D.C.
Now owned by Simon Devonshire and based at Hoo.

S.B. MARJORIE was 100 years old in 2003.
There is some published information about her (e.g. Roger Finch "A Cross in the Topsail"), but her owner - Simon Devonshire asks if anyone has any additional information about her, in particular - the exact date she was launched - can anyone help?

email Simon

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