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of Ipswich.
S.B. Jock
S.B.Jock - Medway Barge Match, from Garrison Point, 1988.
(Photo - D.Renouf)

90.7 x 21.5 x 7.1
Reg No. 122975 86 reg tons
PLA No. 16790
Built of wood at Ipswich by R&W Pauls in 1908
Owners: R&W Paul, Taylow-Woodrow 1973
On Nore sands 1947 towed Lowestoft
Motorbarge 1985-1955
Rerigged 1973. Corporate entertainment St. Katharine's
Moved to Gravesend in 1995 for use as restaurant. Broken up September 2004.

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