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IRONSIDES of London.
S.B. Ironsides
S.B.Ironsides - Medway Barge Match, 1992. (Photo - D.Renouf)

Official No. 112710.

Official No. 112710 (P.L.A. 9980)
Registered in London. 78 Reg. tons, carried 160 tons cement.
Built of Dutch Iron at West Thurrock in 1900 by Clark & Standfield for Goldsmiths.
85 x 20.3 x 6.4 ft.
Owned by West Thurrock Lighterage Co., A.P.C.M. and sold to 1928 for £550.
Converted to motorbarge in 1938 and traded to Northern France.
Sold to Alan Reekie in 1968 to rerig at Brentford with spars and sails from Wolsey, a former mule rigged barge.
Subsequently owned by Mark and Caroline Tower based at Maldon and then Brighton, and used as a hospitality and charter barge under Topsail Charter. Had a very successful race career from the 1970’s.
Currently owned by Toby Lester and Linda Hoy, based at Faversham.

Note; on 6.10.1929 dragged her anchor in a gale in Dungeness Bay and the crew were taken off by DIungeness lifeboat. She weathered the storm, and 48 hours later the crew were taken back to her to continue their voyage.
She sustained light bomb damage in London Docks during the blitz of September 1940.

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