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of Ipswich
S.B.Ena - Blackwater Barge Match, 1992.
(Photo - D.Renouf)

Official No. 122974 73 ton built of wood at Harwich in 1906 by W.B. McLearon.
88.2 x 20.6 x 6.9, auxillary Ruston 80 engine installed she was registered as a motorbarge in 1949.
Rerigged by her only owners R. & W. Paul Ltd. in 1973 for the Paul & White Ltd Social & Sports Club
She has new owners (2000) - Luke Deards and Tim Williams, to be based at Stargate Marine, Hoo.
Recognisable by her mulie rig and the white X in her topsail.

As featured in Salvage Squad C4 television March 18th 2002.

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