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of Harwich.
S.B. Centaur
S.B.Centaur - Southend Barge Match, 1993.
(Photo - D.Renouf)

Official No. 99460.
61 ton, built of wood at Harwich in 1895 by Cann.
85.6 x 19.5 x 6.2.
Owners Charles Stone, c.1900 Dolly Rogers, 1911 Ted Hibbs, 1915, John Sawyer, then Francis & Gilders and L.R.T.C.
In 1955 she went to Brown & Co. and derigged for use as a timber lighter.
Bought in 1966 by Richard Duke to rerig as a charterbarge she was sold in 1974 to the Thames Barge Sailing Club - now the Thames Sailing Barge Trust for members sailing.
Restoration work 1984-93. Based at Maldon.

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