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The Thames sailing barges are know for the fact that the usually sailed with only 2 crew, a skipper/captain and mate
- possibly with a third hand for longer trips on the larger vessels.

There are frequent requests for information about how to be part of a sailing barges crew.
Peoples' expectations and levels of experience/expertise vary, but the following information may be of some assistance.

Firstly you can get on board a sailing barge with any of the charter companies,
and whilst out sailing, may be able to help the crew - an ideal introduction for novices.

If you are more seriously interested in learning about how barges are sailed and want to get involved,
possibly to become a qualified mate and later skipper, then a useful way of doing this would be
by joining the Thames Sailing Barge Trust, who sail two barges and can offer this type of involvement.

For those wanting to be part of professional crews there is the Association of Bargemen
which can advise and give introductions - there are recent changes in their committee
- awaiting new contact details - contact email addres for more details.

Alternatively, the charter companies may have opportunities for regular crew,
or casual crew for longer passages and can be approached directly.

If your requirements are more specific, then send details to the email address below

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