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Frank Willmott Archives

Memories of Otterham Quay
H. Keeble Poem
Barge Notes 1968-69
Medway Jottings
The Great Gale of 1914

Log of I. Baker 1939 - 1945, skipper of sailing barges 'Kestrel', 'Bedford' and 'Dawn'

List of barges owned by the following:

Edward Anderson
Ellis and Andrews
George Austen
Frederick C. Barron
Bennett Bros
William Horatio Benstead
Thomas Bevan
Walter Bigg
A.T.V. Blaker
Arthur T.V.Blaker
Formby Bors
Fry Bors
D.J. Bradley
William Brand
William Brenchley
Jos Brenchley
Solomon John Brice
Alfred Brook
Burham Brick, Cement and Lime Co.
Charles Burley
Jos Butcher
J. Byford
Alfred & James Edward Castle
William Charles Charlton
Clacton Jetty Company
George Clark
James Clements
George Cookson
Charles Cork
William Cory & Sons
Henry Covington & Sons
Charles Cremer
Crown Quay Cement Works
William Ryan Cunis Ltd
W.R. Cunis
George Henry Curel
Osborn Dan
Tom (Rummey) Dennis
John David Drake
Martin Earles
Eastwoods & Co. Ltd.
Charles Eltham
English and Continental Shipping Co.
F.T. Everard
Excavator Company
George Featherby
Henry Felton
Henry Filmer
Fletcher, Lime Merchants
W. Fletcher
Charles Formby
Francis & Co.
George French
Edmund Fry
Arthur Gammon
Ernest Gill
William Gill
Webster Gillman
Gillingham Syndicate
E.J. & W. Goldsmith
Gray's Chalk Quarries Ltd.
Daniel Green
Alf (Josh) Hart
Ernest, Henry and William Haymen
William Highams
Hilton Anderson & Brooks
Hoo Brick Co.
Robert Howlett
James Hubbard
J.S. Hudson
Albert Hutson
Josiah Jackson
James W. Keeble
Ebenezer Kemp
Kent Stone Company Ltd.
Harry Keep
Isabelle Knight
John Messer Knight
William, Alfred Joseph and Daniel James Knight

William Lake
R. Lapthorn
Arthur Larramen
A.H. Lavers
Samuel Lecquire
William Lee & Sons
James Little
Edward Lloyd
L.R.B. Co.
London and Rochester Trading Company
London & Tilbury Lighterage Contracting and Dredgering Co.
Frank Alfred Lucey
J.T. Mears
Medway Navigation Company
Robert Mercer
William H. Merritt
Robert Miller
Philip Augustus Morris
T.C. Mudge
Charles Murrell
Wills and Packham
Clement Parker
James T. Parrot
R. & W. Pauls
Henry and Samuel Peters
James R.Piper
Henry Prentis
Charles and Rowlie Richardson
Frederick and John Rosher
Edward Rutter
Arthur Sales
J.H. Sankey
Richard Salmon
Frank Seager
Sheppey Glue and Chemical Works
T.G. Simmons
Richard Slamon
Smeed Dean & Co.
Smeed Deans 1931
Arthur Smith
Oliver Smith
Samuel Smith
Henry Gozby Solly
Reginald Halley Stewart
John Stone
William Stone
Gerald Storr
Henry Surridge
Robert Tassel
Thames & Medway Cooperative Barge Owning and Carrying Society
William H. Theobald
George Thomas
Tilbury Contracting and Dredging Co.
Richard Tolhurst
Tom Tuff
William Twinn
Samuel Verell
R. Wadhams
Silas Wagon
Edward Watson
Trechman Weekes & Co.
West Kent Gault & Brick Co.
Samuel West Ltd.
Joseph Westwood
John Bazely White & Bros
Whitstable Shipping Co.
Wills and Packham
Samuel Williams
Charles Wood
William Wood
John Woods
Woods, Gravesend
Henry Wooley
Ed Lloyds Lighters
Lighters owned by Samuel Williams
Lighters Owned by R. & W. Paul
Steam tugs owned by R. & W. Paul
Steamers owned by R. & W. Paul

Barge Yards

Barges Registered at Dover

Barges that put into Gillingham Pier 1924 - 1935
Barges working into Rainham and Otterham 1926, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1931
Barges working into Rainham and Otterham 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898
Barges, Schooners and Steam ships into Rainham 1900-1903
Vessels working into Rainham and Otram 1903-1907
Barges trading at Rainham 1886 - 1889
Schooners and colliers that called into Rainham 1893 - 1897
Schooners and Brigs that came into Rainham 1896 - 1898
Vessels that came into Rainham and Otterham 1908 - 1910
Barges that came into Rainham 1888
Barges trading into Otterham Creek 1874 - 1876
Barges trading into Rainham and Otram Quay 1910
Baltic Schooners into Otram 1910 - 1912
Barges trading into Rainham and Otram 1911, 1912, 1915

Hulks - Milton Creek and Crown Quay Reach

Barges built at :
Bow Creek
Kew Bridge by Frederick White
Long Ditton
Overshore, Rainham
Strand-On -The-Green

Skippers, Masters, Captains
Prominent businessmen

Craft built by J.G. Fay & Co. of Southampton

Craft built by Goldsmiths

Craft built by Robert Mark Shrubsole

Barge dimensions

Dover Owners
Shoebury Owners
Whitstable Owners
Maidstone Owners

Barges named Gladys
"Glen" Barges
"Anglo" barges
Samuel Bowley barge

Alphabet Barges
Birds name barges
County barges
Days of the week barges
Greek letter barges
"Initial" barges
Months of the year barges

Data is transcribed from handwritten ledgers prepared by Frank Willmott.
The information is provided for personal research use only, and may be subject to errors - confirm details from other sources where possible.
Not to be published in any form without permission.

Notes: spelling has been transcribed as recorded, except where clearly incorrect. Some barge names will therefore appear to be spelt differently from that expected. This may be exactly as they appear in the documents from which the information has been collated.
The ledgers will be transcribed as is in the first instance, and links added to this page as work progresses. The list includes information identified for inclusion, and will be transcribed in the order they occur. Requests for specific parts not currently transcribed may be considered.
There is a large volume of information, so this may take some time, and some errors may occur. The information will be reviewed at a later stage to work on anomalies, presentation and filling in missing information.
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