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Shotley Heritage Community Benefit Society Ltd.

Local community formed this society in December 2016 to buy and renovate the derelict pier at Shotley Suffolk. After purchase, it will take about a year to refurbish it and we have not yet raised the funds to do it, so its work in progress. We will be taking donations with Giftaid, and investors can buy community shares, which are more about sharing community ownership than a financial investment, as the returns are likely to be zero for at least 5 years, and no dividend payable due to its constitution for charitable aims. The society is aiming to achieve HMRC capital gains relief for investors and more information will be provided in the share documents on the website, as a 30% or 50% scheme under SEIS is possible.
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Progress So far:
175 people have pledged to invest £30,000 and national funder “Power to Change” has offered a conditional matched fund (up to £100,000) so that creates £60,000 offered so far. Pledging has come in by post, website and Facebook, from as far afield as Colorado, Australia and London, with local IP9 pledging making the majority at the moment. Crowdfunding is planned for March and we expect to do well with former Ganges trainees, as well as people who use the waters round here
Fishing for leisure is high on the list of requests, with kayaking access needed into the river from the pier at low tide. We are keen to ensure the pier is a working pier as well as a place to enjoy the views. The unique point about the pier is that it’s within the estuary so has close up views of dockside activity at Harwich and Felixstowe rather than distant ships on the horizon
Our Facebook group has 150 members with over 700 views of a short video of the water lapping under the pier, and website has an interactive pledge section as well as a request for a commemorative plaque. is the parent page and shows the history of the group as well as the governance arrangments.
Youtube Channel “Shotley Pier” has been set up with the aerial footage and several short clips of news items and volunteer filming. Shotley Village Hall showed the aerial footage of the pier, photos and artwork.
Investors, supporters and donators are sought !

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