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Poem by Ron Ducker

Sammy Lucas was the first skipper that I sailed with
A good man who new his job
And good advice he’d always give
So get that kettle on the hob

Frank Lucas, he was no relation
his command was Lady Jean
He had no airs above his station
But a smart a bargeman there’s never been

Then came the pride of my live I might say
A pride I have that will always be
I went mate of a barge that I love to this day
Her name was the Spinaway C

Her master was so big and strong
Mad Mick Polly was his name
When the slightest little thing went wrong
He’d curse the world to shame

The Orinoco was the next ship I’m in
Along with George Morgan in charge
I wanted a move although it’ a sin
From sail to a big motor barge

Fred Roberts was a small man
Who wore a trilby hat
Lady Daphne was his barge
So big in the water she sat

Sister ship to Lady Jean
So stout a pair you’ve never seen
High in the bow and wide in the stern
With mighty holds in which you could earn

The old skippers have all but gone
Gone to a deeper sea
Where navie lights have always shone
Where one day we all will be

The end of sail is getting near
The trade is almost dry
Now its mostly fun and beer
It almost makes you cry.

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