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Day is Done

Poem by Ron Ducker

Her bluff bow points towards the outgoing tide
And the anchor chain’s pulling tight
The riding light is hauled up high
As our barge settles down for the night

We make us a brew and sit on the main horse
And discuss what a good day we’ve had
With the wind being fair keeping us to our course
Just the right sort of day for the lad

The sun gradually fades behind some tall trees
Silhouetted against the red sky
Some curlews fly low under our lea
Given off their usual cry

Soon it becomes peaceful so quite and still
Just the odd ripple or two
Just a few cows still graze on the hill
But there are a couple of more things to do

Make sure the anchor’s holding well
And the lights are nice and bright
Give the wheel a bit of a sheer
Then we can turn in for the night

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